Noel Gallagher’s daughter humiliates mum by exposing hidden gaffe in topless snap


Meg Matthews gets a massage at homeINSTAGRAM / MEG MATTHEWS

SPOT IT?: The gaffe isn’t obvious at first glance

Meg had treated herself to a massage and posed topless on a table in front of a flat screen TV.

She laid on a £120 Missoni towel, which made the advert playing in the background all the more poignant.

The Unicef appeal read “£3 could help buy a blanket,” prompting Anais – the daughter of Noel Gallagher – to point out: “The irony of the ad behind”.

Anais Gallagher in bikiniINSTAGRAM / ANAIS GALLAGHER

BRUTAL: Anais had no qualms about drawing attention to the faux pas

Evidently Meg didn’t spot the faux paus at first, because in the caption all she did was gush about her leisurely day,

“Finished at last packing presents, physio, homing dogs and now the best massage on #missoni towels,” she wrote.

“Spot Oscar sleeping between my legs for the whole time”.

But after many of her followers began critiquing her for her carelessness, she decided to wade into the fray.

Anais Gallagher and mum Meg MatthewsGETTY

GROUNDED: We bet Anais got a good telling off

“Hope everyone is texting blanket to give £3 as its got lots of attention,” she quipped, before setting her account to private.

We bet Anais is getting grounded for this…

Still, Meg isn’t the only star to be embarrassed on social media this week.

Anais Gallagher in the bathINSTAGRAM / ANAIS GALLAGHER

MODEL BEHAVIOUR: Anais is a rising fashionista

Lauren Goodger became the (bubble) butt of the joke yesterday when she was caught out digitally slimming herself.

The offending image saw the babe posing in a nude two-piece, flaunting the results of her gruelling gym regime.

While one of the shots image a straight wall and square mirror, the right side sported strange signs of curvature around her thighs and waist.


Marnie Simpson admits she wants sex toy for Christmas: ‘Me and Lewis really need one’


Marnie Lewis and Lewis Bloor selfieINSTAGRAM

LOSING THE HEAT? Marnie has hinted her sex life with Lewis is in need of help

But it seems just a few months into their romance, their sex life is in need of a bit of help.

Marnie has revealed she wants a sex toy for Christmas to inject some excitement into the bedroom.

In a video for MTV, the 24-year-old spoke with cousin Sophie Kasaei about what she wanted to find in her stocking on Christmas morning.

Marnie admitted: “I’ve wanted one for ages. A c**k ring. Not for me obviously, I don’t have a c**k. Preferably with about ten different settings.”

Marnie Simpson speaking to Sophie KasaeiMTV

XXXMAS: Marnie told Sophie she wants a c**k ring

“Me and my boyfriend really need one at the minute”

Marnie Simpson

Sophie asked what settings she would like, with the brunette replying: “The one that goes ‘buzz buzz buzz buzz’.”

She continued: “Me and my boyfriend really need one at the minute. I think it might spice it up.”

A worried looking Sophie responded: “Usually that happens after forty years.”

Marnie shut down her concerns and said: “No, it’s good for the boy though.”

Marnie Simpson leaves CBB GETTY

TMI: Marnie wants a sex toy with various vibrating settings

Let’s hope Santa Claus stopped off at Ann Summers, then.

The Geordie Shore babe previously rated Lewis as a “10/10” in bed, and the couple have been sharing seriously raunchy pics – including a near-naked selfie from Marnie and Lewis’ bed.

And their relationship has just got even more serious, with the couple spending their first Christmas together in London.

Marnie Simpson and Lewis in bedINSTAGRAM

HEAD OVER HEELS: The couple have been inseperable since hooking up in CBB

Marnie wrote in Star magazine: “My parents are coming to London to spend Christmas Day with me and Lewis, then we’ll go to see his family.

“I’m really excited to be spending my first Christmas with Lewis, but I have no idea what to buy him. I haven’t asked him for anything – this time of year is about spending time together, not getting presents. I would be happy with anything.”

As long as it vibrates, apparently.