EOTB star Jordan Davies branded ‘hero’ for saving panto co-star’s life


Jordan Davies in pantoINSTAGRAM

LIFE-SAVER: Jordan has been hailed as a ‘hero’ for saving co-star Lewis Pryor

JORDAN Davies has been branded a “hero” for reportedly saving his panto co-star.

The Ex On The Beach star apparently rushed to the aid of actor Lewis Pryor when he took a turn for the worse just before the curtain went up at one of the shows.

The pair are currently starring in a run of Aladdin in Liverpool.

Jordan Davies in pantoINSTAGRAM

PANTO: The reality star is currently starring in an Aladdin production in Liverpool

“Jordan was a hero and handled the horrible situation so well”


A source said: “Jordan was a hero and handled the horrible situation so well. He put Lewis in the recovery position as soon as he saw him fall to the floor.

They continued telling The Sun: “He then called for help and then stayed with him until the ambulance came – he even helped carry him out of the theatre.

“Both Lewis and the rest of the cast would have been lost without his calmness and his first aid techniques. He was a life-saver.”

Jordan said that him and Lewis “bonded straight away” when they began working together and called him “my best boy in the panto”.

Aladdin Panto LiverpoolLHK PRODUCTIONS

FAMOUS LINE-UP: Others stars in the show include Natasha Hamilton and Big Brother’s Mark Byron

He said that he looked after the actor the night before as he had been coming down with tonsillitis.

The pair has enjoyed a DVD night with milkshakes and chicken wraps.

Lewis is now said to be making a full recovery, with Jordan saying he’s “back better than ever”.

Jordan Davies in Ibiza WeekenderITV

IBIZA WEEKENDER: Jordan is known for starring in the iTV2 show

Jordan, 24, is currently starring as the Genie of the Lamp at the Epstein Theatre in Liverpool until January 8.

Also appearing in the show are Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton and Big Brother star Mark Byron.

Jordan, who also stars in ITV2’s Ibiza Weekender, will be back in the show next year.


Danniella Westbrook claims she lost teeth whitening job over her appearance


Danniella Westbrook loses her jobINSTAGRAM

SACKED: Danniella says she lost her job as customers didn’t want to look at her face

The troubled former EastEnders actress was thought to be ending the year on a high when she landed a job performing teeth whitening at a salon in Essex.

However she has taken to Instagram to reveal that she’ll no longer be doing the job as she said customers don’t want to look at her face.

The 43-year-old wrote: “Just so everyone is aware .. I WILL NOT BE DOING TEETH WHITENING AT LIP COUTURE, as apparently due to my septicaemia & multiple operations clients don’t want to look at me or have me treating them.

Danniella Westbrook loses her jobINSTAGRAM

CLAIMS: The star told fans about the sacking on Instagram

“Clients don’t want to look at me or have me treating them. ”

Danniella Westbrook

“SO Nicole’s mum Suzanne will be doing the treatments .. Wishing the girls all the best & happy Christmas all.”

However, salon owner Nicole Francis, claimed that it wasn’t the star’s appearance that cost her her job.

She said Danniella left dirty, bloody tissues around the treatment room.

Nicole said: “Unfortunately day one of her starting the business she turned up late and was all over the place.

Danniella Westbrook loses her jobINSTAGRAM

UNHYGENIC: The salon manager said Danniella left bloody tissues lying around

“She left tissues left on the side with blood and anything else coming out of her nose in a clinical room, so I said to cover it for hygiene purposes!”

She continued telling The Sun: “This was the only reason we did not go ahead with the treatment. It was the hygiene element and nothing to do with her appearance.”

Nicole said she still sees Danniella as a friend and hopes to work with her in the future.

Danniella Westbrook septicaemiaINSTAGRAM

MEDICAL BATTLE: Danniella has recently suffered with septicaemia

It has been a tough few months for Danniella.

As well as her septicaemia troubles, the star also lost both her house and car recently as she was unable to work while she was in hopspital receiving treatment.

We hope things look up for her soon.